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Date: 14th October 2016
Vacuum Corn Planter
Characteristics?1. Air-suction precise seeder can realize precise sowing single seed. One hole only one seed,Website:http://www.nhhmachinery.com, no need to thin out seedling.Precise sowing, seedling is even and sturdy.Rows spacing can be adjusted by moving seeding assemblies spaces. mainly used in sowing corn and bean. Plant spacing can be changed by adjusting the gearbox. 2. We installed seed suction-disc with 18?holes, and do strict adjusting for seed cleaner, so it is no need to do new adjusting by customers, in case of making empty hole and affecting the single seed rate.3. Seed suction-disc with 18?holes can realize different plant spacing, such as 120,165,180,225,250,310?mm and so on, by changing the?gearbox.?4. Use good seeds, whose germination rate should be higher than 95%, and do coating or presoaking in pesticide for improving?the seeds quality, then the seeds should have good fluidity, and have no adhesive. Forbid using powder mix seeds in case of making loss of potency of pesticide and plugging up seeds suction holes.5. Sow fertilizer deeply, make sure that the fertilizer should be deeper than seeds for 50 mm. ?6. Make trial?sowing before sowing, do adjust?for unsuitable part.7. Carry out standard: JB/T10293-2001 ?Technical specifications:?2BYQFH series pneumatic corn seederModel2BYQFH-42BYQFH-62BYQF-8Overall1400*2200*1300mm1400*3700*1300mm1400*4500*1300mmWhole weight550kg750kg990kgRows spacing600mm(adjustable)600mm(adjustable)450~650mm(adjustable)Planting rows468Fertilizer depthUnderside seeds for 50mmUnderside seeds for 50mmUnderside seeds for 50mmSowing seeds depth20~50mm20~50mm20~50mmWorking efficiency6~10?ace/hour?10~15?ace/hour?10~20?ace/hour?Required power40~50hp55~90hp>100hpOpening share of fertilizeShovel type opening shareShovel type opening shareShovel type opening shareLinkageThree-point rear suspensionThree-point rear suspensionThree-point rear suspensionSeeds hopper capacity (L)9L X49L X69L X8Required turning speed of pneumatic pump impeller (rpm)4500-5500 rpm4500-5500 rpm4500-5500 rpmLinkageThree-point rear suspensionThree-point rear suspensionThree-point rear suspensionEmpty hole rate<3%<3%<3%Single seed rate>92%>92%>92%