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Date: 14th October 2016
Straw Harvester
4G-2.2C Corn?Stalk?HarvesterSpecificationsThis machine can be used for cutting the corn stalk in high efficiency.Maize stem reaper, corn stalk reaper ,stalk harvester???It is no need to pen working roads artificially. When the machine is working, which can open roads by itself .Piled in one direction by bundles, which is convenient to gather and transfer the corn stalks. The cutting blades are saw web with high speed of cutting, evenly stubble, and small vibration. You can choose cutting blades to make the stubble into pieces, according to planting form in different areas.?Model4G-2.2CDimension(mm)3895*2450*2390Weight(kg)428Rows?No4Rows?space(mm)450~650ConfigurationPrepositionRequired?Power(hp)>20Power?OriginTractor?pulley?and?rear?wheelFrom?earth?while?working(mm)?300Working?efficiency(hm?/h)0.33~0.53??Working?width(mm)2200