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Date: 14th October 2016
Seeds Cleaner
INTRODUCTIONSeed cleaner & grader is used for cleaning and grading seeds, grains, cereals, and other granule products.?It can be equipped to suit a variety of special jobs and purposes.?Dust and light impurity are removed by aspirator fan. Material falls on sieve layers and was separated by sieves according to width and thickness difference. All the oversize and undersize impurities were discharged from outlets.?FEATURESSeed cleaner & grader becomes basic and most favourite cleaning machine in seed and grain industry?of global market, with high efficiency, excellent performance, wide application.It?s suitable for processing?all kind of seeds?,cereals , grains species and crops,?such as wheat,?paddy, rice?,barely, maize,?millet,?cumin , sunflower seed,?soybean?,coffee bean, cocoa bean ,oil seeds, etc.Customized sieve layer amount and various machine combinations allow the?seed cleaner & grader?to be used for a wide range of applications and increase grading efficiency.?Model5XZC-15Dimension (L*W*H)5600?2100?3200 mmDimension of sieves2400?1500 mmCapacity (count by wheat)10000 kg/hWeight1800 kgPower10.5 KW?Model5XZC-3B5XZC-5DHDimension (L*W*H) mm3970?1800?27504970?1900?3100Dimension of sieves mm1250?8002000?1000Capacity (count by wheat) kg/h30005000Weight kg12001600Power ?KW4.257.74