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Date: 14th October 2016
QD Series Reel Irrigation Machine
Products introduction:Nonghaha brand QD series winch type sprinkler is the only one machine in China which owns the full set Italy advanced technology, it can realize domestication products, build the most high-end sprinkler products at home, lead domestic sprinkler?s development trend. Its working principle is via immersible pump or booster pump produce high pressure water through the water pipe directly enter the PE pipe of sprinkler, at last enter to the spray gun then spray to the upper air, form wee droplets drop on the crops; recycling power adopts 6.5hp gasoline engine drives the winch rotation in order to recycle the PE pipe, instead of the water turbine?s driving, strong power, stable, water flow?s pressure into the machine is 4-6 water pressure can guarantee spraying radius is 25-35 meters; six gears speed gear box is the first initiation, it can meet different watering quantity and different regions needs, at the same time save dynamic pressure loss.Products characteristic:Winch recycle powerAdopts 6.5 hp gasoline engine as power, instead of the water turbine driving,guarantee normal working under the lower water pressure(0.3Mpa); meanwhile the power is strong and stable, make sure the 450 meters PE pipe and sprinkler wagon can be normal recycled in the wet or watery fields.Reduction gear boxAdopts 6 gears structure design(all is 2 gears in this business line), recycling speed adjusting range within 4-65m/h, meet various crops watering quantity; under the same power condition, 6 gears reduction gear box has smaller resistance than the 2 gears gear box, equivalently adding at least 20% recycling power.Spray gun(matching double spray gunsItaly imported XIMEI brand impeller type spray guns, quality is stable and reliable, long using life; Atomization effect can be adjusted at random, without hurt on the crops plant, spraying uniformity is more than 95%Domestic vertical swing arm spraying gunsJet distance during spraying, strong wind resistance,guarantee the users can water the fields under the different weather condition.Four wheel sprinkler wagonAdopts four wheel walking structure, adding sprinkler wagon?s stability and loading; preventing the walking wheels sinking because of wet and soft surface soil, decreasing the waling resistance; the width of walking wheel is 200px, decreasing grinding crops during working.Sprinkler wagon lifting equipmentSprinkler wagon recycles to the main body, handing the lifting equipment can rise the sprinkler wagon, heighten sprinkler wagon walking wheels ground clearance, it is convenient for the sprinkler?s movement and transportation; avoiding the walking wheels mop the ground during the machine is moving on some ditches and slops.Transmission modeReduction gear box transmits power to winch is gear transmission, comparing with the chain transmission mode, gear transmission is more stable, without the problems of chain falling off, breaking or other situation.Left and right supported feetAdopts spiral vice-landing leg and lengthen pipe combine design, easy operation,fast, and convenient; powerful supporting, guarantee the main body?s stability when tract the sprinkler wagon.Host walking tireBig size with 10-12 tire, powerful carrying capacity and walking ability ,durable in use, reliable quality.Host water entryAdopts left and right side design, more convenient to link with the water delivery soft belt, avoiding the water delivery soft belt appears bend so that affects the passing ability of the high pressure water.PE water pipeKorea imported raw material, carrying water pressure is 1.6Mpa, reliable quality, weather resistance, maturing, using life is more than 15 years.Optional equipmentIsrael imported proportional fertilizer applicatorRealizing water and fertilizer integration working; high using ratio of the fertilizer, good absorption of the water and fertilizer, making sure the increasing crops quantity, saving time and labor. Fertilizing quantity range:10kg-1000kg/h, fertilizer amount is adjustable, high precision.Dedicated spray irrigation frameLG23/30 stainless steel dedicated spray irrigation frame,with 23 nozzles,30m spraying width, ground clearance 1.2-1.6m high, low pressure spraying work, without hurt to plants, watering quantity is 30-60ton/h; stainless steel material is corrosion prevention to the fertilizer, no rust occurred, long using life.External diameter of PE pipe?mm?Spraying length Max.?m?Single operation recovery time?h??IUC?%?PE water pipeSpeed different of layers?Vu?Precipitation?mm?75300300type?9-16?95?208-50450450type?13-24Weight?without water??kg?Weight?with water??kg?Size?L?W?H??mm?From Earth?cm?Adjustable range of Chassis wheel?cm?Spray Nozzle adjustable range?cm?300type:???1667300type?2912300type?6390?2430?290029150-180135-180450type?1875450type?3120450type?6390?2430?2950Single Nozzle TypePressure?Mpa?Diameter of Nozzle?mm?Flow?m3/h?Spraying width?m?0.4-0.8518?20?2213-5040-70More Nozzle Truss TypePressure?Mpa?Nozzle QTY&Diameter?pcs??mm?Flow?m3/h?Max Width?m?0.4-0.723?4.4-7.510-5030?ProductWater Turbine SeriesJP75-300 or 450Gasoline Drive Series?JP75-300 ??or 450Gasoline Drive SeriesJP90-320Intelligent model ofJP75/300Technical StandardItalian TechnicalItalian TechnicalItalian TechnicalNational TechnicalDriveChock flow water turbine8.8hp Gasoline Engine8.8hp Gasoline EngineSide impact type Water TurbineFirst Transmssion modeShaft drive transmissionShaft drive transmissionShaft drive transmissionBelt drive transmissionThe secondaryGear driveGear driveGear driveChain driveReduction gear box6 gear grinding process6 gear grinding process6 gear grinding process2 gear grinding processSprinkler wagon4 wheels walking4 wheels walking4 wheels walking2 wheels walkingSprinkle car lift deviceyesyesyesnoElectronic monitor speedyesyesyesyesSound-linght alarmnonononoMobile monitor speednononoyesSpray gun 1Italian impeller spray gunItalian impeller spray gunItalian impeller spray gunItalian impeller spray gunSpray gun 2Domestic vertical rocker armDomestic vertical rocker armDomestic vertical rocker armDomestic vertical rocker armPE pipeSouth Korea imported materialWorking life 1 5years?South Korea imported materialWorking life1 5years?South Korea imported materialWorking life1 5years?South Korea imported materialWorking life1 5years?