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Date: 14th October 2016
Pumpkin Seeds Extractor
5TG series pumpkinseeds extractor is compound operation machine which can finish shattering, separating, clearing etc. during one operation. It is mainly used for gathering pumpkin and extracting seeds.This machine should be matched with tractor for working by standard three-point linkage, which has high power flexibility, fitting for working in the farm where is located in the great plain. ?It has many good features as follows:-1.?Easy using2.?Convenient operation3.?Safe and reliable running4.?Reasonable structure and performanceIt is the most ideal pumpkin seeds extracting machine.Technical specifications:Model5TG-500NOverall dimensions (LXWXH)mm2800x2200x2200Structure weight (kg)480 kg ?Working speed (km/h)3-5Diameter of sieve hole (mm)6.5 mmWorking efficiency (kg)?200Seeds breakage rate (%)?2.0Seeds exit?s height from the land (mm)?350Required power (hp)25-50 hp??